Stop-motion, with Jess

Let’s begin by saying this is NSFW, so your boss might can you, or promote you.  Hard to tell these days.  Fair warning, there are boobs, albeit quick ones.

I’d love to hear from some artists on Instagram.  With the new changes (ads and algorithm) do you still find it to be a useful tool for getting your work out there?  I stopped posting out of frustration over a month ago when it was apparent that only about 1/3 of my followers were seeing my posts.  On top of that, the ads were overwhelming.  And if by accident I happened to spend too much time on a page that I follow, I’d be flooded with posts from the last three months.

I played around with Fame Monkey, which has a clunky interface and the WORST name, but there’s not much of a viewer base and it’s painfully in Beta.  I like putting work out there, but honestly, in the last 6 weeks I haven’t posted a thing and no one noticed.  Part of me misses the daily feed, but I dislike the idea of content for content’s sake.  I don’t want to enjoy art like that and I don’t want people to enjoy my art like that.

If you’re still finding Instagram to be useful, I’d love to hear why.  If not, then I’d like to hear about that too.  Enjoy the video!


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