Hey, you busy?

Howard and Todd, from Episode 2

Can roommates share bathrobes?

The third episode of Howard and Todd comes out tomorrow before breakfast on the west coast.  Halfway through the series!  I hope you’re enjoying it, laughing until you toot, and making nerdy jokes to people who haven’t seen the show yet.

I mean, you could talk with people about the new GOT, but I’ll sum it up for you: Dragons, that one weasel-y guy, some boobs, violence, Cersei probably acting like a real a-hole, incest, some other stuff.  Same for Twin Peaks, minus dragons.

Speaking of talking, could you take 3 minutes and write a review, subscribe, or like, for us?  Rating and reviews is a HUGE help to us as far as getting seen on the web.

Here are the places you can leave us a note:

Stareable— this is our page and a review helps us get a grant for next season

YouTube–If you’re on YouTube, subscribe, comment, thumbs up, you know how it works.

Vimeo–Add to us to your collections and leave a note

Thank you, and enjoy the next episode!



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