Portraits of Kris


Have you been completely impregnated through your eyes yet with the advertising phenomena known as Star Wars?  Are you balls deep in Kylo Ren Campbells Soup?  Are you brushing your teeth with Rey’s Aquafresh Sand Squirts? Maybe today you read an issue of Deathstar People while drinking a Darthacino from Saberbucks.  Does it feel like I’m really hammering this Star Wars thing a little too much?  Yea, exactly.


Full disclosure, not a Star Wars person.  I don’t care.  Nothing is ruined if the movies suck or establish a new religion.  That being said, Dana and I saw it on Christmas day and it was excellent as far as movies go.  Also, it was basically the first movie.  Find a reluctant Jedi in the desert, outlaw sidekicks, droids with messages, blow up a planet sized space ship.  It would have been cool to see the reboot of a franchise that wasn’t just the same movie from 30 years ago.  But whatever.  I’ve got a bag of Chewbacca Cold Chews I’m working through to ease this terrible Hoth Cough.


This is Kris Benton and she’s pretty rad.  We tried to get lost in the woods but ended up only 12 ft from the road.  When it works it works.

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