Print Giveaway!

Christmas blows, but we are still all over that shit like huge college debt and non-paying internships.  We just CANNOT WAIT to get in line for the whole rancid pine-smelling poop-show, so I’m trying in my own small way to combat the ennui of this time of the year.

Full Disclosure: I live in Los Angeles, which is amazing and warm and full of palm trees and malls that pump soap into the air to look like snow.  Plus, I love Christmas in LA because NO ONE IS HERE and I can actually drive from point A to point B as god intended.


In the spirit of giving things away and asking for little to n’er in return, I’m sending out random, plump stockings (ed. note:  envelopes) of test prints to 2 lucky people who reblog this post.  You need to be following me here and it needs to happen in the next week.  (ed. note: also, 18+ please) And that’s it!  Eventually I’ll need your snail mail address but THAT’S IT!

Prints are RAD.  It’s the whole root of photography and it gets old as shit starring at my phone trying to decide if I want to unfollow half the people in my feed for posting cute quotes and ugly pet photos.  Prints are REAL.  You can hold them, hide them, frame them.  It’s cool embracing the 3rd dimension.

Good luck!



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