A Post-Cyber Society

Everyone has been trying to sell you shit for the last two weeks and I’m sure you’re about fed up with it.  Buy this 75lb turkey!  Buy plane tickets to see your sucky family!  Oh shit it’s Black Friday!  It’s Crimson Saturday!  It’s Shop Local Cheese Shoppe Sunday!  It’s CyberHacktober Monday!  Really, this could go on forever.

In the spirit of all this ridiculous Brands-As-People and People-As-Brands Season of Consumer Fatigue, I’m offering you something for nothing.  Srsly.  My postcard game is hella strong, I love mail, and I’m doing my semi-annual mailathon so send me a message with your address or the address of someone you’d like to get a card from me and I’ll mail it off.  I’ve got scads of postcards, a bunch of stamps and I’m about to hit my slow season which means I’ve got nothing to do except all of the million things I need to do to run a business that I can’t do because I’m shooting.


As a “cyber” Monday (don’t ever say “cyber.”  Are you wearing Mom jeans?)  deal I’ll send a couple of you an envelope of test prints and that’s got to be kind of exciting.  

I spent the last week with my family and while I’m really lucky because they are cool, I’m so freaking ready to go make some weird shit in the woods with some friends, so that’s what I’m doing today.  So hey you! chris@cultnoir.com with your address and let’s be Pen Pals, player!


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