Tutorial Videos, and Oh Yea, Hello, Again.

Shall we address the big, social media-averse elephant in the room?  If you’re wondering when the last time I posted a blog was, you’re not alone.  I’m not entirely sure either.  It was easily a year ago (maybe more?).  So lame.  I know, I know.
YouTube is a total mystery to me, I feel like I understand the shit out of Vimeo,(warning, this link is R rated) but YouTube–totally lost.  In an effort to embrace the unknown, however, I’ve added a couple new videos to my channel if you’re interested in checking out a little of the way I work and hearing my sweet southern accent. (sigh, embarrassing)
First Video: people ask me a lot about my retouch methods, and I think what a lot of people like is that I try to keep skin and retouching as real as possible and still keep people looking good.  Basically, I go by this rule: Blemishes we remove, skin we leave in.  In other words, keep the integrity of skin which is interesting and personal and get rid of problems that would distract.  After that there’s some business about curves and such, but overall it’s a pretty good primer on my methods in post.  BONUS! It’s a dude!  Right?! I know, crazy. I’ve been shooting a lot of mens’ portraits lately and it’s been a fantastic break from the norm.
Secondly I did a What’s In My Bag video for a portrait shoot.  I keep it pretty barebones and like to travel light, but you’ll get a feel for my kit.  Plus I got a sweet new orange camera bag that I kind of love.
When you have a few minutes check these videos out and subscribe.  I’d like to start being more active with tutorial videos such as these and hope you’ll join me on the way.

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