Flat World, A New Photo Series


Architectural photography is not my strong suit, but I have some familiarity with the artform.  One of the most important aspects of architecture (or cooking, synchronized swimming, sculpture etc) is an overall intentionality and purpose in the design.  I feel like those aspects have been lost in the wave of sub/urban sprawl, a glut of self-storage facilities and forgettable big-box architecture that fulfills only the most basic of structural requirements.  I began exploring these ideas photographically not only in and around LA, but in Nashville and Memphis as well.  The following series tries to capture the feeling of sub/urban malaise, the oppression of a walled-in life, and the overall melancholy of living in the midst of disposable architecture.


The title Flat World came about after noticing that my cellphone camera flattens space and distance at times, so absurdly, that it takes away any sense of depth at all, creating a flat, one dimensional image.  Click any photo to take you to the collection.



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