The New Site! (Hard Launch)

Been a pretty exciting and busy year so far.  Knocked out a couple new year resolutions, but not nearly enough.  I did deactivate my personal Facebook account (it only took me two anxious months) and I am a happier man because of it.  More on that some other time.

Claire/Los Angeles

Claire/Los Angeles

One of my bigger hurdles was switching my website over to something with a little less Flash and adopting an entirely new format.  This has been in the works for around 5 months now, I think as I’ve been slowing building it in the background and ironing the kinks out before going public.  Two weeks ago I officially made the switch and am excited to be announcing the new site.

Major Differences:

Side scroll kicks ass.  No sloppy craptacular Flash loading BS.  Tons more work.  Tumblr integration.  Lot’s of cool stuff on the backend that you guys don’t see but keeps it all running smoothly.  (Not to mention, some more additions to the fashion photography, commercial photography and personal work sections.)

A good friend of mine was looking at my site on his phone and told me I was stuck in 2007.  You’d think that something like flipping your website upside down wouldn’t be so emotional, but the truth is, I probably put in 12 combined days of straight-up thinking hours before reconfiguring.  These things are always harder in your mind.

All the time I read about what a website is supposed to look like and how we can make it easier on art directors or art buyers when (if?) they look at our portfolios.  I’ve talked to consultants and SEO experts and portfolio curators and everyone who thinks they know anything about websites (which is apparently anyone who uses a computer, BTW.)  But this is the secret: MAKE THE WORK. PUT IT ONLINE.  Really.



It’s never going to be perfect or ready or suit every single person.  It could load before they hit the RETURN key and it will be too slow for some people.  We are never going to be happy with it as artists because we are never happy with anything. Why would this be different?

For now though, I’m stoked that it’s NEW, above all else.  See you guys soon.


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