Nerd Boners VS Art Elitists and Bioshock:Infinite

Today on my way home I heard Talk of the Nation reporting on the new release of the video game BioShock: Infinite and I got so stoked to hear something from nerd culture get so thoroughly discussed on NPR.  Prior to the story they kept running teasers about the interactive nature of the game and the plot/story of the game, leaving us with the cliff hanger “But is it art?”

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.  While I appreciate you taking a break from reporting on “real news” and crawling down from your ivory tower to report on something as frivolous and pedestrian as video games, do you think you could approach it with just a tiny bit of respect?  Especially if you’re about to interview the creator of the video game.

The first part of the story describes what first person shooters are, punctuated again by the statement “Not exactly what people would call art.”  I mean, let’s just discount that someone wrote the storyline, a script, hired actors, developed physics engines that power realistic physical reactions in space, and then a literal TEAM of artists rendered textures, people, weapons, environment and on and on.  Let’s just gloss over all that and invent some sort of conversation on whether NPR thinks video games qualify as art.

Let me sum it up for you, Talk of the Nation: VIDEO GAMES DON’T NEED YOUR VALIDATION AND NEITHER DOES ART.

Way to kill this nerd boner, guys.





2 thoughts on “Nerd Boners VS Art Elitists and Bioshock:Infinite

    • I think that to some degree you’re right about them being played as sport, although I think there’s an argument to be had that being good at any sport is an art. But the game design, the layouts, the characters, all of those things are based on someone’s creative vision, which we have to look at on some level as an artistic achievement.

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