Photos On Set

In between murdering and more murdering.

Shooting stills for a movie was really cool work.  A bit of a departure for me, but overall a fantastic experience.  I got a lot out of watching the director interact with the cast and seeing how he was able to inspire cohesive and convincing performances.  As a photographer who works with people both commercially and in my personal work I’m very interested in other people’s methods of direction and how they are able to motivate others in relation to their concept.  These are photos from one of the last days of filming.  People were dying left and right.  It wasn’t a terribly violent movie, per se, but the last two days were a crescendo of  blood fountains and bullet holes.  (Also my new goth band, Blood Fountains And Bullet Holes.  We are playing the Hot Topic Grand Opening at the South Springs Mall next week.)

You can barely tell, but this guy’s lawn was totally astroturf.

Fork to neck, fall out of chair, stumble to pool, fall in.

Waiting to get shot in the knee. True story.


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