More Photos of Willow

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How the hell was your Halloween?  I woke up, surfed, and didn’t get eaten by a shark.  So that’s always a plus.   No worse for the wear over here, but not a single kid came to our door begging for diabetes.  Where do all the kids go for Halloween these days?


I’ve been all about some low-light stuff lately, as you can see from the top photo.  Digital grain is just not as sexy as film grain, I’m afraid.

Two things for you to check out if you haven’t already.  One is the Leveled Magazine (NSFW) photo shoot with the freaking adorable Chebo.  Or, as the internet says: “dorbz.”  Hit the FB “Like” button while you’re there.

Also…A few new additions to the website.  Two in the portraits department.  (He may look familiar to you.) And a DOPE shot of Chebo on Instax.  (NSFW)


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