More Film. Mistakes. Memphis. Etc.

Got back 5 rolls of film last week and I’m combing through.  This week has been crazy with a lot of fun projects but has left little time for editing.  Truth be told, that’s my least favorite part so I’m not too crushed.  In a perfect world I’d have a robot/clone that would be able to sift through my pictures and pick the exact ones that I would pick and cut me out of the process.  Then they’d retouch them conservatively and post them on my website while I was out making more photos.  If you know someone who wants to apply for this job, send them my way.  The pay is lousy and the hours are terrible.  So it’s probably not much worse than a lot of other jobs, really.  I rarely yell and throw things.  Rarely.  Sometimes.  Occasionally.

Big Wax Attack

The apartment complex next to me has these garages in back and I saw a gentleman cleaning his out a few months ago.  It was packed with records.  I mean, full-up of records.  Floor to ceiling.  I thought it was kind of formal and beautiful in a way, and LA rarely gets a nice overcast day such as this to make the colors really saturated and rich.

We’ll end with a shot of Juice in my old house.  Hard to take bad photos of her, and I will admit that whenever I post a picture, I get like twice the views that I usually do so I’m assuming you guys dig her as well.

Two new portraits on my website.  You may recognize this guy…click on over to check it out.


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