Hey Facebook, It’s Been Real. Also, Film of Juice Morgan.


Got a some film back Friday…I’m still wading through Memphis pictures.  Here’s a quick shot of Juice around the 4th of July.

Sorry for the short post, I’m on set of my first movie, shooting some stills.  Thursday they are going to light someone on fire.  I’m pretty stoked about that.

Let’s get serial for a minute.

Facebook, which was once the small-business person’s dream for social networking has declined into a mere shadow of itself and is now all but useless.  My posts on my fan page used to get 400-700 views but because they are limiting exposure in hopes that you’ll pay for your own friends to see what you post, my average is around 80 these days.  In lieu of these changes, it may be time to bid FB a fond adieu.  That being said, if you see something on this blog, or anyone else’s blog for that matter, and feel like someone else could get some use out of it, don’t hesitate to share it.  Twitter, Tumblr, FB, what-have-you.  Every bit of that helps.  Because of the clamp-down, not a lot of people saw this post from Thursday.  It’s about Clive Owen fighting Tom Cruise over Lana Del Rey.  Or something like that.


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