Preview and Preorder: The Zine Is Complete! Also: Wizard Magic.

After a month or so of wailing and teeth gnashing I’ve got the first zine mocked up and sent to the printer.  As art projects are want to do, this started as one idea and as it began to manifest, turned into something a little bit different.  There were a few notable twists along the way, so here’s a quick run-down.

The zines I’d made prior were 80% cut and paste and text-based.  I’d never laid one out on a computer before until now and I have to say that I definitely missed the experience of physically building an object.  I ended up actually making one and just writing the titles or sketching the photos in their places so I’d have the 3-d object as reference.  I’d made some prints and was planning on making copies old school, however…

“Lush Knees”

Copy machines are complete and utter shit.  And everyone who works at a place that offers copies as a service is maybe about as smart as a hammer.  That’s a pretty bold statement, but I’m willing to back it up with about every single face to face experience I had in a copy facility.  The problem, namely, is that the sales associates (and on up to management) have no clue as to how a copy machine works.  No clue.  It might as well be wizard magic.  If turning it on and off doesn’t help, then you’re effed.  I’d make test copies of photos and they’d have lines across them or fade out in the most unglamorous of ways or have any number of toner maladies and I’d present them to the employee.  He’d come to the copier, set it to the same exact settings I was using, make a copy, and be bewildered as to why he got the same results.  This might go on for 10 minutes or so.  Seriously.  Followed by shrugging and defeat.  Secondarily, making 1000 copies is prohibitively expensive if you need color.  This presented a huge roadblock, one which held me up for a couple of weeks.  I was looking at a bill of $600-800 depending on where I went.  Ouch.

A small record label expressed interest in printing and distro-ing it for me.  I was stoked about this as I wouldn’t have to pay for the bulk of it and the distro-ing connections would be beneficial.  We went back and forth over a few emails and I sent them a mock-up.  Rejected.  Eh, it’s cool.  We are still on good terms.

As it turns out, you can do just about anything you want online.  Don’t know if you guys were aware but the “Internet” is just brimming with about every service you can imagine.  Making copies is one of them.  I found a place, finished the mock-up, and sent it off early this week.  Success!

The last step of the project was to print a functional mini-zine. Actual size–4×2.5

I think part of the problem, and this has happened to me before, is that as I was assembling this issue, I was already planning the theme of the next one.  That planning became more exciting to me than the one I was working on, and my progress slowed.  Sometimes photo projects will be like this for me where the original idea leads to a better idea but I’m still committed to the original.  I’m not sure if other artists experience this, but I think it’s just a case of wanting what you can’t have.  However, as it came together at the end I was really stoked about it.  Now that it’s at the printer, I’m dying to get my hot hands on it.

Here’s the final breakdown:

It’s 24 pages, measuring 5.5 x 8.5.  Mostly full color with some black and white photos thrown in, about 85% of which have not been seen anywhere else.  A lot of these are film scans, however there’s a few digital images as well.  This is a one-time run of 31 copies and each one is numbered, dated and signed with an actual real-life photo on the front cover.  I’m selling this first run for $5 each.  I’ll mail it anywhere inside the US and you can reserve one by emailing me here.  (Oh, 18 and over please.)

The mock-up.

Send me an email and we can discuss the details.  I’d love to drop one in the mail for you!


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