Chick-fil-a Comes Out of the Bigot Closet, and Why This Is Good.

I’ve been promising you guys film for like a month now, and I’m woefully behind on editing.  I’m dreadfully sorry.  I know that there are quite a few of you who couldn’t care less about my thoughts on pop culture or technology or what have you, and that many of you visit a photographer’s blog FOR THE FLIPPING PHOTOS!!!  Yea, I suppose you have a point.  That being said, here’s another post, not about photos.  You have my apologies.

I Googled “guys kissing stock photos” and here are some of my results.

Chick-Fil-A came out this week as an official hinderance to the evolution of modern society.  We all knew this, right?  There were whispers, rumors, internet threads…. Each delicious sandwich was tainted with the thought that maybe you were supporting something a little backwards and hateful.  But maybe there was some doubt, too.  Not all Christian organizations or businesses practice an antigay stance…. However:

The smoke was cleared earlier this week as Dan Cathy, president of the chain, told the Baptist Press that he (and Chick-Fil-A) was against gay marriage.  The mainstream press has been broadcasting this for a few days now, and protests have ensued, both IRL and on the internet.  I’ve seen quite a few Photoshopped cow billboards that have been altered to say something anti-chick and then posted to FB, and there’s been rumors and what looks like some confirmation on how much money they give to anti-gay groups.


At first I was pretty miffed.  I mean, who is this chicken-peddling, obesity-monger, and why does he think he’s some kind of biblical scholar?  And isn’t it sort of dark ages to be spouting off this world-is-flat kind of nonsense?  (Yes, it is!)  But then I was thinking about this t-shirt idea my brother had when he was single and dating.  He said that on your first date with someone you didn’t know you should wear a white t-shirt with all of your major deal-breakers written on it.  For instance, my shirt would say:

Dog Lover, Doesn’t Want Kids, Agnostic to Atheist Depending on the Day, Mostly Vegetarian, Mostly Good Hygiene, Throws Dirty Clothes in the Floor, Doesn’t Cut Toenails as Often as One Should, Somewhat Obsessive Compulsive, etc etc.  

And then maybe my date’s shirt says:

Cat Lover, Wants 8 Children, Catholic, Atkins Dieter, Impeccable Hygiene, Folds Clothes, etc etc (you get the idea)

So right away, I know that it might be an uphill battle for us to get along.  We are opposed on a lot of issues and we can see that right off the bat.  Maybe we have a nice dinner, chat about the weather, and go our separate ways.  The point is, we know UP FRONT that it’s not going to work out.  We don’t have to wait four months before she finds out that I will literally take my socks off in the kitchen and leave then right there for a week.  It’s going to save us both a lot of heartache.

Technically, this could be two guys kissing. In the strictest sense of the word.

Chick-Fil-A has taken a stand for what they believe in.  Unfortunately for them, they are completely on the wrong side of history and that’s never good.  But if you have a ridiculous, archaic view of something that ultimately serves to oppress another group of people and UNABASHEDLY denies science, logic, reason, and even the Bill of Rights, then I think you should wave that flag just as high as you possibly can.  That way, we’ll know we probably don’t have much business hanging out, and we’ll avoid a messy breakup later.

Photos, soon!  I promise!  Until then, make your own chicken sandwiches!  Courtesy of Hilah.


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