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A very good friend and I were having a conversation about shooting at noon.  Actually, I was whining about shooting at noon, and she was telling me that I’m a photographer, and photographers can’t always shoot from 6:15pm-7:45pm and that I should grow a pair and push myself a little bit.  After rolling my eyes I took her advice and have been (slowly) incorporating some harder light into my portfolio.  This is Hannah on film at 2pm, sometime a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been looking for someone with bumper bangs since the first time I saw this:



The Memphis trip left me with a box of undeveloped film, so I’m slowly chipping away at that iceberg.  Hopefully Thursday I’ll have some previews for you.

Until then, another friend has turned me on to three really beautiful Tumblr blogs.  If you like stuff that’s cool, then check these out.  If you don’t like stuff that’s cool, then these probably aren’t for you.  I’ve been all about this black on black on black vibe after seeing these.  However, erase from your mind just about everything you think you know about “goth” before you visit.  You’re probably thinking this:

But that’s silly and you’re wrong.

Urban Gothik –Tasteful examples of refined gothic fashion/photography.

Galliano’s Whore –Well curated mix of fashion and photography.  Very nice flow.

Felice Fawn –Model/photographer’s collection of inspiration and ideas.  No shortage of goat heads.

(these are probably NSFW, in one way or another.)

Sorry to be so scattered!  It’s been a busy and exciting couple of days and the zine is coming right along!  I’d forgotten what an intensive effort that was, even at the cut and paste level.  Hopefully I’ll have a working mockup soon.


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