Holy Hell! The Olympic Photo Nightmare.

If you’ve got the internet, you’ve probably seen one or more of these photos of the US Olympic Team taken by Joe Klamer.  Reddit has been teeming with speculation about the photographer and the conditions surrounding the photoshoot.  I’m kind of speechless, to be honest.  Typically, the Olympic Team photos are guarded like the Illuminati secrets and access is given to only a select few.

I guess this year in light of the recession they relaxed some of the rules.  The thing is, Joe Klamar is not a bad photographer.  He’s more of a journalist, outdoors, natural light kind of guy, but not at all terrible.  And, in all honestly, I feel awful for him because the internet, in its tubes of digital justice, is going to crucify this poor guy.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these.  I’ve read a lot of theories…still don’t know how this happened.  I don’t know why Joe didn’t pull them out side to shoot them in his element.  If the Olympic Dictatorship would only allow them to be shot in studio, I don’t know why he didn’t tell them to take a flying fudge at a rolling donut.  A chance to shoot the Olympic Team isn’t worth the hellstorm the web can deliver.

I don’t want to judge too harshly until I hear the whole story, but this makes me really uncomfortable on so many points.  Tell me what you think!  And look at more photos here.

PS…Check out Cool Material and some B Side images from Skype!

See you guys soon!


One thought on “Holy Hell! The Olympic Photo Nightmare.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I used to have to take photographs as a reporter for a small town weekly, and my images looked like these taken by Klamer. When I read the newspaper and saw some of the stuff on-line I wondered how it happened. It would be interesting to know just what really went on. I guess only the photographer will know. Great photos by the way – very powerful.

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