Hey Memphis, I’ll See You Saturday!

I went back to college as an old man.  I’d done a partial tour in my early 20s as an English major and dropped out.  At 28 or 29 I went back to get a photo degree.  Also, I needed to acquire some debt since I’d just paid off my credit cards and I was shirking my duties as an American by not toting around a bunch of unpaid, interest-accruing bills.  (And now I’m seriously American.  Useless degree!  Tons of debt!)

In my next to last semester I took a 4×5 class and was given this beast of a camera to lug around with the task of creating a meaningful series.  Landscapes have never really done anything for me, I’ve always been more interested in people and the way a camera can talk about a person, but I’d been working on my thesis so intensely I was ready for a change.

This was winter, and Memphis winters are bleak months of cold, wet, and grey that only people from Memphis really know about.  People in northern states think that Memphis is the tropics and you always hear that it’s “mild” from people who’ve never been there.  ACTUALLY, amateur meteorologists, it stays at about 33 degrees the whole time, rains a lot, and you can’t afford to run your heat because the natural gas is so expensive.  Anyways, it lends itself to some really beautiful conditions for black and white photography if you can will yourself out of the house.

So I went out in search of blankness, quiet places, formal relationships and buildings I could make portraits of.  You’re looking at a couple of the results right now.

Saturday we are jumping on a plane and heading back to the Dirty South.  This is the first time we’ve been back in almost a year and I’ll be honest:  I HAVE NO CLUE HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT.  I suppose I won’t really know until I’m there.  Definitely looking forward to seeing some good friends, hanging out with my family until I’m sick of them, and eating BBQ tofu nachos.  Can you believe that in a city with like 14 million people in it, we can’t find any BBQ tofu nachos?

Oh, and:

Dear Reader,

Facebook has changed their policy on the sharing feature on Fan Pages.  As I understand it, they’d like me to pay to promote my updates (such as this blog post.)  Facebook is the main referrer to my blog, (with the exception of people who google “Anime Boobs”) so my views have drastically declined as they’ve apparently put the squeeze on how many people can see when I posted a new blog.  Soooooo, if now, or in the future, you think you might have friends who’d appreciate a healthy dose of snark mixed in with some photos, feel free to copy the link and paste it somewhere they’ll see it.




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