Bad Jokes!

Look!  It’s Mondrian’s mini-van!  He’s just popped on down to the Promenade for some Jamba Juice!

All jokes aside…minivans are humiliating enough without drawing an unnecessary amount of attention to them.  A minivan is like a big, blown out, stained pair of sweatpants.  If you’ve gotten stuck having to wear them out because it’s laundry day or something, best to just play it cool and hope no one notices.  Or you could paint them super bright colors and jump up and down everywhere you go screaming about your SWEATPANTS!  “I’M WEARING THESE BALLER SWEATPANTS, DOG!!! Piet Mondrian HOOKED ME UP!  I’m like this walking ART HISTORY LESSON!” Says you, in re: Your Sweatpants.

In non-snarky news:

Juxtapoz Magazine featured the Skype Series on their blog.  And The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography thought it was kind of cool as well.

Lauren, Rukus, Sara, Sara, and Kaitlyn and Jessica all made appearances.  A HUGE thanks to them (and April) for making this a reality.

Also, I really appreciate everyone’s kind words in regards to the last blog post.  It means a lot.


See you Thursday with photos of Olya.


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