Why Marc Jacobs Is A Boss And The Skype Series Interview

Dakota Fanning Also Gives No Fucks

I’ve been a fan of Marc Jacobs for a while now for a few reasons.  Not the least of these is his long-time advertising partnership with photographer Juergen Teller.  Together, they have created some fantastic campaigns that have an incredible anti-polished, give-no-fucks aesthetic.  They get a lot of heat for this in a world of super-clean, ultra-over-produced, glossy magazine photos of plasticized models and excessive Photoshop, but I think its a welcome reprieve.  We have to be careful when we discuss honesty in photography, ESPECIALLY fashion photography, but there’s so much more honesty in Teller’s images than in some image of Taylor Swift shilling for Covergirl where she’s Gaussian blurred off the wham.  (I DARE you to find a pore or a hair follicle.)

Jacobs and Teller always go for the really masculine women for their campaigns.

When everyone was using Scarlet Johansen to move product, Jacobs and Teller put androgynous boys in dresses.  Major points.  Teller has no “magic hour.”  Shoot at noon?  Hell yea.  Over-exposed?  Yup.  There is also something about Teller’s photos that make me think he’s really not really taking himself too seriously.  At the end of the day…its still just a purse.  (Oh shit, did I say that out loud?)   And I have to give MJ props for rolling with that.

Last week a graffiti artist by the name of Kidult tagged a MJ SoHo store with the word “ART” in giant pink letters.  I’m a fan of a lot of graffiti, don’t get me wrong, but so many artists are gunning for these big name designers that they end up just advertising for them when its all said and done.  As a way to comment on bourgeois culture, 100 different artists have appropriated the LV or CHANEL logo into their work.  Its to such an extent that I wonder if these are really just commissions by the companies themselves.  I digress.  Jacobs, however, is quick to turn those lemons into a giant PR campaign.  He shoots the outside of his store, slaps it on a pink T-Shirt and puts it all over the web.  Your cost?  $689 bucks.

Is it possible that this, too, was a premeditated event?  Yes, of course.  Either way, I can appreciate Marc Jacobs ability to either defuse Kidult’s insult if it wasn’t prearranged, or I can appreciate his ability to promote contemporary art if it was.  (Regardless, the whole ordeal was fantastic publicity for both parties.)  Kidult has since made his own t-shirt which he’s selling for under $7 dollars which you can see here.

In other news, the Skype Series was picked up by The Dignified Devil and they were cool enough to do a short interview.  I really tried not to sound like a pretentious artist-jackass…but no promises.


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