Panoramic photos, Creative Re-Imagining, More SEO Winners

Over the last two years I’ve been working with the University of Memphis on the Paul Revere Williams Project.  I’ve been really lucky to travel a bit on assignment, and it was actually the reason I came to LA for the first time (which inevitably led to us moving here permanently.)  A few months ago I posted some images from the San Bernadino hotel which you can see here.  I took a lot of photos on this trip with the idea that I’d stitch them together as panoramics so you could get a better feeling for the view and the environment.  I had about six images open at one time and I asked my computer to kindly piece them together.  The status bar popped up and I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Which isn’t that strange because my computer, admittedly, is a bit old.  (But we’ve spent so much time together…)  I decide that I’ll get up and stretch for a minute.  Grab some water.  Pet my dogs.  Eventually I make it back to the computer to find this glorious, panoramic monstrosity waiting for me:

Click to make more bigger.

Which was created accidentally from these six images:

Interesting fact: That weird grass arrow used to be a swimming pool.

Side of hotel or Cold War Russian Architecture. You decide.

I’d accidentally selected all six of the photos and, upon further inspection, PS pieced them together quite well.  Given the circumstances.

And anyways, California is a place of “creative re-imagining.”  I mean, go to any parking garage and tell me how many giant SUV’s are parked in spaces clearly marked “COMPACT.”  So I’m proposing this for the PRW book cover.  First of all, we are artists.  We get free reign on stuff like this.  Secondly…WE ARE THE EXPERTS!  Who’s going to argue with us?!  This is what it looks like, brah!  Who are you going to believe?  The guy who stayed in that hotel once 40 years ago?  Or the photographer that’s spent a good part of the last two years documenting PRW structures?  I thought so.

In other news, completely unrelated, you’ll be excited to know that the CultFitz blog has become one of the most respected web sources of the following things:

“Animal Girl Photos”

Annnnnnnnnnnd, let’s not forget:

“indian hat”

My mother is so proud.

For a limited time I’m offering my vast knowledge of SEO to you, the reader, at a reduced cost.  I’m going to give you the most important piece of advice for free, however.  Are you ready?  “Nude Bewbs.”

Can’t make this stuff up.

Enjoy your weekend.


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