Photos of Regina. Beauty and Lighting.

MUA: Sara Lander
Hair: Sasha Gold

One of my goals this year was to really push myself in regards to studio lighting.  I use a lot of strobe in my “ambient light” shots (keep that a secret!) and I’ve got my formula down with that.  I enjoy the studio as a welcome break and as a completely controllable environment, but I’d found that I had really started to rely on just a few lighting set-ups that I was comfortable with.  When we got this makeup/beauty shoot together I really wanted to see if I could get some different results and push myself a little.

You can check out this sweet lighting schematic above.  I use a big softbox for most of my studio stuff as the key with A TON of diffusion.  I mean, layers and layers of it.  I love it.  I can’t get enough diffusion.  I’m more excited about different kinds of diffusion than I am lights or whatever else.  I usually flag it because they throw light everywhere which is obnox sometimes.  Also, I’m all about bouncing light on the opposite side or just building a foamcore box surrounding the model, but I used one face-level reflector this time around.  For the fill I threw in a small, silver, shoot-thru umbrella at camera right.

Sara Lander provided excellent makeup on a strict time budget and Sasha Gold did a stellar job with hair.

A little behind the scenes action.


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