The Twin Peaks Show, Vengeance, and, Your IPhone is Making You a Jackass

Let me be honest with you, I really could not understand the rabid fandom that David Lynch had garnered up until I watched Twin Peaks.  I also thought Kyle MacLachlin was weaksauce.  I didn’t have any scientific data to back up the latter conclusion, although years ago I watched a movie about the power going out in some town and he was in it.  Regardless.  Twin Peaks changed my mind about everything.  I completely immersed myself in it, watched the entire series in a few short weeks, and actually had a friend pull some strings so we could watch the movie in a real movie theater all by ourselves.  I bought my wife Twin Peaks themed Christmas presents, I started quoting the series at opportune moments (and inopportune) and will never trust owls again.  But enough about me.

Copro, a gallery in Bergamot Station, held a 20th anniversary group show of Twin Peaks art this weekend and I was in attendance.  And so were about 400 other people.  The art was mostly good.  Mostly great, actually with the exception of a few pieces that I felt might have been “friended” in.  Highlights included miniature dioramas of the town, a sculpted piece of cherry pie filled with red cherry skulls, and some gorgeous paintings of a very icy, very dead, Laura Palmer.

One Year Earlier, Pamela Wilson, 24"x36", Oil on Canvas
(I know this is morbid, but it really is a damn fine painting.)

We ran into three of the cast members in the hour that we were there.  I have no idea if anyone else made an appearance, but Sherilyn Fenn was the big one.  Coincidentally, an actor-turned-painter I referenced in a previous blog post, showed up as well.  (BILLY ZANE, our day of reckoning soon will come!)

I wonder what it must have been like for Lynch and the cast as they were being told the show was being cancelled.  This script, this story, they’d all breathed life into and had committed to entirely, was being destroyed.  And with no suitable ending, I might add, as networks sometimes do.  (Ahem, Carnivale.)  It must have been crushing.  And now, 20 years later, what is it like to have some sense of vindication as the world is still making art that references, copies, draws from the very thing that they created?  It is somewhat crazy-making to be so invested in something and be unable to get the people you need to rally behind it.  While a fanclub isn’t the reason we make art, we’d all like to believe that what we do has a culturally significant value.  Everyone wants their hard work appreciated, if not always understood.

And then I wonder if they are all so sick and tired of Twin Peaks, as most of them have gone on to do one thing or another after….Is it like Tiffany, who has put out seven (seven!) more albums since her hit in 1987, but all anyone ever wants to hear on the Four H Club stage at the county fair is “I Think We’re Alone Now?”  How insanely frustrated would you be?  You’ve made 20 years worth of significant art and all anyone ever says to you when they see you out is “The owls are not what they seem!”  I don’t have the answers to any of these questions.  I’m just posing them to the web hive-mind.

Art openings are one of my more favorite things to do in LA or anywhere for that matter, but I’ve got to say I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal sick and tired of your need to take a photo of every piece of art on your IPhone.  On opening night, no less!  There are a billion people trying to see around you and your mustache as you’re framing up your shot OF SOMEONE ELSE’S ARTWORK!  FUCK OFF!  I’m not even going to go into how you’re a complete buffoon for trying to later-on experience a magnificent 4’x5′ painting on your 3 inch screen.  (Buffoon!)  But I am going to say that you’re self-important and most of all, rude.  It wasn’t just one person doing this…it was something I was tripping over all night.  This is a phenomena that sort of bums me out…all these people living through that screen, oblivious to everyone else around them, and missing the point entirely.

This show is definitely worth a solid visit, IRL, no less.  There’s more art than should be in two rooms and probably more than you can take in on one trip.  The painting above is still for sale, ahem, and it would make the perfect gift for your favorite photographer/blogger.  You know, if you happened to be in the market for perfect gifts for your favorite photographer/blogger.  While you’re getting that giftwrapped, tell me your favorite Twin Peaks scenes, lines, quotes, etc, in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “The Twin Peaks Show, Vengeance, and, Your IPhone is Making You a Jackass

  1. Diane, I am sitting reading a very entertaining blog, well constructed and wonderfully executed. The anger about iPhones leaps towards the screen like Bob climbing over the sofa. I am reading it in the diner enjoying cherry pie and some damn fine coffee.

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