Instant Famous: Fuji Instax Collection


I’ve been shooting with one of these Instax cameras for a while now and I’ve got great collection of these photos in a stack next to my computer.  I’m sure they make some sort of intelligent storage option for these things, but I haven’t found it yet.  I’m trying to make a few of these on every shoot because I love the aesthetic, even if you get gnarly emulsion problems like on Heidi, below.

Heidi and Kailen

Rukus Bame

The sheets are supposedly 800 ISO, but the camera is quick to activate the flash automatically in fairly bright situations which will blow out the photo completely.  You have the option to turn the flash off, but the camera takes this as more of a suggestion and usually fires anyway.  This would be my only real complaint.  At a little over a dollar a sheet, I’d rather not have to second guess the auto exposure. (And the viewfinder!)  I’ve found that covering the flash with a layer of white paper or white fabric acts as a nice diffusion, though, and will save your film but still give you enough pop in all-but-dark circumstances.

Erica and Juice

Most of what I’ve taken is on the website under the Instant heading, and I’m posting some brand new ones tomorrow.

In other news:  A small webzine called The World Through Green Eyes put a few of my images in their fashion issue.  There’s some great work in there by photographers all over the world.  Definitely worth a flip-through.  Enjoy your weekend!


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