Photos From Lucero in Hollywood!

There are very few times when I can say that I’m proud to be from Memphis, but last night, for 2  1/2 hours I was stoked to be from the same town as Lucero.  Los Angeles showed an incredible amount of support for them and I have to admit, there was a strange sense of pride as all these Cali kids sang along about the muddy banks of the Mississippi and growing up in Memphis.

A little impromptu IPhone lighting.

I hung out for a bit after and got to catch up some.  Its rare that I miss home, but I was thankful to get a dose of Memphis for an evening.  An interesting aside:  Los Angeles shows start ON TIME.  Memphis, take note:  All that “Doors at 7, Opening band at 9, Doesn’t go on til 11, Headliner crawls onstage at 2am” bullshit does not fly here!  The opening band was listed as starting at 9, and at 9:02 they were in the middle of their first song.   I could barely believe it!



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