The February Mail Project!

I am a man of my word, (sometimes) and in an effort to combat my delicate bruised ego I attempted to write a letter/card each mailday in February.  I’m not so good at math, but I think I did ok.

Postcards and Thumbs.

I am a huge fan of postcards.  (Mostly from Las Vegas, it would appear.)  You don’t have to be intimidated by a big blank sheet of paper because you only have so much space.  It’s like analog Twitter.  Plus, you can make your own postcard out of the inside of a box of pancake mix.  (Second row, fourth column.)  And, vintage cards are readily available. (Second row, first column.)  If you’re a big art nerd and you go to galleries all the time you can grab the mailouts for the featured artist and write a tiny little note around the undoubtedly long-winded, pretentious, completely full of shit, artist statement on the back (All of row five.)  Or, with some white label paper, you can make a more sizable writing area for yourself, should you be particularly wordy.  Here’s a few pieces of the mail that I got back in return:

This batch is missing a lovely handmade card from Maddie, which I have regretfully misplaced.

In my lifetime I may see the dismantling of the US Postal Service, and that’s a huge bummer.  It’s way harder to make someone excited about an E-card.

(I’m still exchanging letters, hate mail, love poems, test prints, and grocery lists with both friends and strangers.  If you want in, tell me here:








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