Naked And Famous III

My never-ending quest to be the celebrity spokesperson for a product that has nothing to do with my profession has led me to the gum and candy aisle of your local grocer.

Shaun White: Snowboarder, Gum Chewer.

So I’m just going to throw this out to the Stride people…I feel like the world is ready for Macaroni Gum.  Let’s team up with my former celebrity endorsement  in order to create the ultimate powerhouse of cross promotion.

The Shaun White video games I understand.  The Vail endorsement?  Totes.  RedBull?  For sure.  But gum?  I’m trying hard to connect chewing gum to your X-Games skills, but I’m having trouble.  And have you ever chewed mint gum on the freezing side of a mountain?  You’ll get frostbite on your tongue.  I read that in a medical journal.

PS…Always on the lookout for these!  Email your non-sequitur celebrity endorsements to


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