Nettie on Neopan

I got some 35mm back last week which I had been biting my nails about since I’d mailed it off.  I had no idea what was on half of it which is maybe the best part of getting your scans back.  It’s like getting to go back in time.  Sadly, a roll of expired color film I’d been hanging onto for 7 months for the right shoot was completely blank and I lost all of the images from that roll.  Argh!  But, I did get some great shots of Nettie on this Neopan 1600.

Nettie also chronicles her travels with photography and is having a show in Chicago on March, 2, at Grand Bizarre, 6pm.  I got a preview while we visited and I can safely say its going to be pretty awesome.  If you are nearby and can handle that ridiculous Chicago weather, you should put on all your layers and check it out.


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