Nectar Magazine, And The Conflict Of Daytime Mattresses

The good people at Nectar Magazine are publishing a few of my mattress series in the May issue.  They currently have another theme for the June publication…”Some People Die,” which I think is right up the alley of many of my artist friends.  You can check them out and submit here.  The interactions I have had with them have led me to believe that while they are a small operation, they are all very cool and dedicated.

Here’s a link to some other included and interesting work by Idan Nelkenbaum.

This past week I’ve come across a dozen or so mattresses but it’s been the middle of the day and I haven’t been able to return with my camera in the evening.  I’m on the fence about shooting them during the day.  There is something way too cheery about it, for lack of a better term.  I’ve taken some cell shots, though, because its almost like I can’t stop myself.

Mattress-1. Volvo-0.


You guys enjoy your weekend.  Go do something I wouldn’t do.

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