Arrowhead Hotel and a Little Bit of The Shining

Here’s a couple pictures from the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in San Bernadino, California.  I was sent here with the Paul Williams Project a few months back and we weren’t quite sure what was in store for us.  We’d shot so many of his buildings that had been so horribly renovated that they were unrecognizable.  The current hotel owners were not at all forthcoming with details, but welcomed our visit nonetheless.  We knew Williams had designed the building, most of the fixtures and some furniture, but 60 years or so of multiple managements and time…it could have looked like an Applebee’s.  What we found was quite the opposite.  The entire lobby, dining area, bar and lounge were widely untouched.  Fixtures were intact, furniture was mostly the same.  There was even a working movie theatre that used to show premieres back in the 1940s.

It was amazing, and incredibly eerie.  I expected The Shining twins to round the corner any moment.  On top of that, every floor above the first has been unused and all but abandoned for the last nine years.  They hold wedding receptions on the first floor but all other floors are  locked off.  The rooms are water damaged in places, but many look like they are just between visitors.  There are cups on the dressers and digital alarm clocks beside the bed.

Bibles were on nightstands and some of the beds were still made up.  Elizabeth Taylor had her first wedding night here when she was 18, if this is any point of reference.  More photos to come.  Enjoy your weekend.


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