SOPA, PIPA and Not Letting Scumbags Eff Up the Internet.

SOPA has been indefinitely postponed, thankfully, but we are still at risk with PIPA due to a largely out of touch Congress and House acting on behalf of legislation ENTIRELY funded by lobbyists.

Much of this legislation would grant corporations the right to shut down websites without any sort of due process under the guise of copyright infringement.  Attached is a link to the resources that craigslist is providing for action.  DO THIS.  It takes 20 seconds, literally.

The internet is our wild west…a largely lawless place, expansive and limitless, filled with possibility, innovation, creativity, and a level playing field.  PIPA and SOPA seek to let VISA, Nike, Walmart, Comcast and Mastercard ruin that for all of us.


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