Sending Cash To Strangers

Everyone should have a membership to a vaguely seedy video rental store.  You need one because they attract all the cool weird underground shit that you really need to know about if you’re going to die with any good stories.  If you can tell who works there from the people hanging out there, its not seedy enough.  I guarantee they only carry DVDs and no hard to find bootleg VHS tapes of Turkish Rambo.  (Look it up.)  Take your business somewhere sketchier.

Around the third night of being here we found Vidiots.  From the moment I laid eyes on it I knew I’d found my place.  Posters and band flyers everywhere. Windows were disgusting.  Neon sign circa 1992.  Smells like weed.  Guys with long hair behind the counter judging all your rentals.  Perfect.  And then I saw this on the outside:

Send this guy a dollar and he’ll mail you back some art on a Post-it!  Is this great or what?!?!  I sent him two dollars, a cultnoir sticker and an SASE and asked him to draw something photo related and then something he would just draw if he had carte-blanche.  I waited a week or so and nothing.  And another week.  I wrote him off as a thief of my two dollars and forgot about it.  Until…

his shows up in my mail!!! And he wrote me a little note thanking me for being a part of his art experiment.  Killer.  Go find a seedy video store.  Its where stuff happens.


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