Camera of the Moment

I bought two of these at an estate sale for a dollar each.  Fixed lens at f11-ish, probably a 125 shutter speed, and a W I D E plastic lens, rendering the world in saturated, saturated color.  The intitals written on one side are not mine, previous owner’s, I assume.  Gaffer’s tape on the other side to keep it closed and a healthy wrapping of medical tape around the body to keep light leaks out.  The beauty of this camera was (and is) that its essentially a disposable camera that you can reload.  The battery for the flash is accessable, but I think I’ve long since burned it out.

I  load this camera with black and white Fuji Neopan 1600, the other I usually load with a color 400, usually as cheap or as old as I can find.  This one has seen burlesque shows, about 14 states, the WeHo Halloween Carnival and Gogol Bordello, just to name a few.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with opening the camera under very low light and exposing the film just enough to get some interesting bleeds.  Its a crapshoot, completely, but I’m enjoying the results.


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