LACMA for the Tim Burton exhibit.

After putting what felt like a Brazillion miles on the words crappiest rental car, we found a place.  I was getting a little worried after the first four days.  I think we looked at every tiny studio and guesthouse in West Hollywood, had appointments cancel, no-show, got lost, lost our tempers, got lost again….Its not that we are picky, its that we have dogs.  Not small, lap/purse California dogs…big, heavy, landlord-scaring dogs.  Fortunately, we came across a great one-bedroom place in Santa Monica that was cool with all 150lbs of our animals.  Now we just have to drive them across seven states.

The last trashcan in LAX before security.

Very small awesome-quotient on this trip.  Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA was pretty amazing, however.  He is prolific, if nothing else.  Rooms of his drawings, paintings, notes, sketches and movies were packed floor to ceiling.  I was kind of hoping for some Tim Burton themed Cos-play action from the crowd, but alas.  Ate food out of trucks, which is really one of the simple joys of being in California.  Anything you could want from grilled cheese to vegetarian hotdogs is on wheels there.  Even a truck with “EggSlut” painted on the side.  Unfortunately, we passed it in traffic and were unable to patronize this vendor.  Next time.  I had a couple job interviews which went well.  One went less than well, but not a flaming catastrophe.  I assisted on a shoot at Fred Segal for the salon side.  Lots of beauty shots with the boutique’s clothes.  A ton of work, but it was a fun afternoon.

Our studio at FS in the on-site yoga room.

ONE MONTH…and I’m realizing I have way to much stuff.  Where does it come from and how do I get rid of it?  I’m insanely sentimental and I can attach meaning to the most useless of items.  And maybe that’s the problem.  A problem that has manifested itself as a stack of boxes of books and mementos and postcards and photo albums.  I’m knee deep in nostalgia, romanticized and bronzed by my memories, and its harder than I thought to throw that stuff away.  The purge is good though.  I’m trusting it.
See you guys soon.

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