Shut up and drive.

I’m showing my ignorance here, but I’m not sure how to re-blog so I’m just posting the link.  This is really worth the read for anyone in any creative field.  Frank Chimero is discussing the design world but you could substitute photography or painting or life in general.


I was driving around tonight complaining about graphic designers and the liberties they take with photographs sometimes.  This is not entirely fair.  Art by committee is wretched, and much of what we do after we’ve taken the photograph is out of our hands.  Often, a graphic designer will design something insanely beautiful with our photographs and their design and the client (or whoever) flips out because its too artsy or doesn’t highlight the product enough or one-time-they-took-a-class-in-graphic-design-and-know-how-to-use-Illustrator-kind-of.  Its just one of the perils of doing what we do.  The Tao says “Do your work and step back from it.” (very roughly, I’m taking liberties here.)  But I digress.  Here I am smack talking an entire profession and Mr. Chimero is calmly teaching us how to live.

My buddy Katie found this first, so all kudos to her.


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