Jeff Koons

I was really thinking these balloon sculptures were kind of a one trick pony, if you will.  In pictures, sure, they are clever.  They look good. It’s funny, I suppose.  Haha, a big balloon animal dog.  And then its sort of over.  Until…

I was starring at my own blue distorted reflection right under the balloon-knot nose of this beast.  Its perfect.  Its liquid smooth.  A mirror finish like you can’t even imagine.  I was seriously fighting the urge to reach out and touch it, leaving a giant fingerprint smudge that would tell everyone else what a complete class-less hillbilly I was.  I was about to, but security was lurking everywhere.  Across from this was his famous MJ and Bubbles ceramic piece, which was equally badass.  But the dog, I’m telling you, photos (ahem) don’t do it justice.  You just need to stand next to it and maybe put your cheek against it.


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