Los Angeles.

We got off the plane after a slight delay in Boise, rented our tiny little Nissan Versa and headed towards the hills to try to get a view of the city.  This is where we ended up.

I love this city.  I gush about it when I’m not there like I’ve just broken up with a girlfriend.  When I leave, I want to listen to Dashboard Confessional like some complete loser and cry in a dark room for three days.  Its that serious.  We planned this trip so my wife could check it out because I’m wanting this to be home.  Three trips in a year and it hasn’t let me down yet.  It was time to show her all of the excellent parts of the city while minimizing the lousy parts.

I feel like I must tell you I didn’t take my digital camera.  I took a film camera and my cell phone which shot the photo above.  I’m loathe to rely on my cell phone for pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised (click the picture to make it more bigger.)  And I thought being forced to use film would slow me down and make me more thoughtful.


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