Notebooks full of secrets and lies

For Christmas, I got sent this awesome notebook from a client.  He doesn’t know me well enough to know I use the hell out of these things so it was coincidence not only that he sent it to me, but that I was also about to run out of space in my old one.  I keep these in my left back pocket and they get royally brutalized.  See:

I save them because they are full of secrets, ideas, fumings, business cards, lies, and highly detailed stick-figure scenes.  I really have to keep on top of it though, because sometimes I write in them with such fury that the words hold no meaning later.  Like in the most recent one, I’ve written “space between, w/ rings.”  I’m sure this was a truly brilliant idea at one point.  Sadly, I am clueless now.

Field Notes is a brand I’ve never used before.  I’m kind of loyal to the Moleskine, but we’ll see how this deals with the rigors of my back pocket.


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