An Experience In Failure, Loudly

Judging by all of my friends’ social media feeds, and mine too, most of the time, it would appear that we are all financially independent, succeeding wildly beyond our dreams, embracing every crazy opportunity that falls in our lap, and living life to the absolute fullest while dancing like no one is watching.  Every time I scroll through IG it’s like a Pepsi commercial with all the cheesing and grinning.  This thing we’ve all had a hand in creating is supposed to mirror our lives, but instead we’ve constructed ego-trumpets that we can’t stop blasting at the top of our lungs, regardless of what the string section is doing.

Social Media is the highlight reel.  We don’t see the behind the scenes, we are cautious to expose our vulnerabilities, the hard work, the missed opportunities, the times we really effed it up.  And in fashion photography, especially, there’s a sense of image that’s important to clients and followers that we maintain.

I was watching Elon Musk talk about how we are basically cyborgs already, the way we have digital personas and keep huge parts of our lives online.  If it all froze today, historians would look back with absolute wonder and amazement at what a posh time it was for all of us.  But it’s bullshit.  I think on some level as we all construct our own fantastic life-projections we realize that…I least I think I do until I fall into that trap of thinking that everyone has a cool life but me.

I don’t want my feed to be just a list of my embellished accomplishments so I’m going to share this with you.  It’s embarrassing, it’s painful, it’s funny, at times.  Ok, I’m actually still looking for the humor part, but you get the idea.

In December 2015 I started a Patreon account for my photography, videos, and zines.  Patreon (quickly) is a site that allows you to donate to artists whose work you really like.  You can do it on a subscription basis, for as little as a $1 a month, and in return there are different levels where the artist rewards their “patrons” with photo sets or zines or BTS stuff, etc.  It’s a cool concept that has a ton of artists making money each month where they weren’t before.  And, importantly, fans and followers get to contribute in real time to goals the artist sets.

I’ve been blogging on tumblr for years and was really stoked about the idea of releasing whole sets of photos no one had seen before. The idea of making photo zines that you can hold, booklets and sets that people can collect and keep as art objects has always been exciting for me.  I’ve had amazing feedback on my video work but paying for music licensing, props, studio space…it adds up.  Zines are not cheap, printing and mailing costs are high.  I do these things because I love doing them, but ultimately I was hoping other people loved them enough to contribute as well.  I thought that people who already followed me would be into the idea of helping me create more of what they loved about my work.

I was wrong.

It started kind of strong.  3 patrons in the first week.  I was elated.  And then a plateau.  Weeks went by and I changed tactics, adjusted reward levels, changed my pitch. Nothing.  I contacted all the magazines and blogs I contribute to and asked if they would help me promote my Patreon, getting as many eyes on it as possible and they did.  Maybe 10 different blogs featured it, one or two mags as well.  Some big Tumblr and Twitter friends blasted it out, I put it on everything I owned…Tumblr, Vimeo, IG, and I hammered it home.  I had a ton of help that I really appreciated because getting it into the world is what you need when you’re basically competing with everyone on the internet.  We’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of views.  Good numbers.

A slow trickle.  One or two more people would drop in, drop out.  Stay for an update or a reward and then bounce.  4 months in–I got worried.  I watched two other artists I’m friends with start to really make money each month and they started their accounts after I did.  I emailed Patreon and asked for some help.  It takes time!  Is what they said.  Send us your project and maybe we’ll put it on our front page.  I did, a few times, and they never did.  I’m sure they had a billion of these to go through so I’m not mad, I’m just building the narrative that I worked hard on my end to promote it.

And it sort of went on like this for the next few months.  I was pulling in around $46 a month, then $20, then $17…and then last month I got my statement…$6.  Six dollars.  Despite knowing this was really going to fuck me up, I checked in on my friends doing Patreon and they were killing it.  I checked in on my nemesis (we all have an art nemesis so don’t act like I’m an asshole) and he was REALLY killing it.  I cruised by some models that I follow–all doing much better than I was.  So I couldn’t blame it on the economy.  I can’t blame it on no one knowing what Patreon is, because people do know, and they are supporting it, they just aren’t supporting me.  (It did, in fact, fuck me up.)

What do you do when you ask the world what they think your art is worth, and they decide it’s $6?

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 5.04.11 PM.png

You flip out.  You lose your shit.  You question everything.  You text your friends maudlin messages.  You drink whiskey and text even more maudlin messages.  They can’t relate though…they have a Patreon and a dedicated group of supporters.

A good friend told me I should take that $17 and be really proud of it and take my wife out to coffee.  But this is from a guy who makes around $1500.00 a month from his.  The truth is, I’m the outlier from my group.  In fact, in the pool, I’d be the statistic they cut for standard deviation.  I’m not even below average, I’m so far below average it fucks up the curve so they toss it!  (Is that the funny part?)  A bar has been set by my contemporaries and I couldn’t cut it.  It’s a really hard thing to swallow.

Yesterday I turned my account off.  I’m out.  To be honest, I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to hang out and watch this thing cough and sputter any longer.  I asked a question to my supporting base: Will you help me fund more projects?  And they collectively said No.  Loudly.

Full Disclosure: I’m stoked about Patreon being a service for any artist who can make it work. We live in a fast world where art is in jeopardy always, and getting paid for doing art is never easy.  Patreon found a way to patch the holes in the dam and I genuinely appreciate the support they offer and the platform to make a lot of dreams come true.  I’m not bitter about my friends making money doing what they love.  They absolutely deserve it.  (Maybe about my nemesis, yes.)  Am I jealous?  Oh fuck yes.  Am I hurt?  Incredibly.

I follow a guy on IG who can’t stop talking about how humbled he is by his followers, his fans, and his supporters.  But there’s really nothing more humbling than approaching the people you think like and appreciate your work, your struggle, your passion, people you’ve shared this with for years, who’ve watched you evolve and grow and create, and asking these people for help and have them to collectively, nearly unanimously, say no.

It has always felt to me that a big part of being a fashion photographer is trying maintain this image of how cool your life is and I hate it.  It’s not healthy for me or anyone else.  There are pitfalls in life.  There are embarrassments, lapses in judgement, jealousy, envy, failure, butthurtedness! The opposite of success!  I’m just putting this here so you’ll know that some guy had a pretty rough day on the internet and maybe you can relate to that. Dancing like no one was watching, or whatever it is that Abraham Lincoln said.


New Zine Available Today!

My new zine, RED, just arrived from the printer this weekend.  Each on is 16pp, glossy, full color, signed and numbered, and 18+.  DM me your address at and I’ll send you payment instructions thru PayPal.  I don’t want to give too much away but it’s an exploration of the idea of red, and the many ways it can be interpreted.  I hope you enjoy it!


Must be 18 or older to order, and I will ship overseas if you add shipping.  Otherwise for US sales it’s $5 flat.  And today I’ll throw in a digital copy as well.

Fighting Censorship

You guys seemed to dig the Vlog so I’m rolling with that this week again while I edit photos of Ruby.  This episode is about fighting with my printer and a nasty, terrible, evil photo that they wouldn’t print.  THE HORROR! (You’ll see it at the end.)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments.

The Art of Not Getting Butthurt

I don’t always feel articulate when I speak, but I thought I’d try a vlog-ish version of my blog today.  Art is hard for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is dealing with my clinical self doubt, a constantly bruised and limping ego, a grand sense of entitlement and a pretty rocking persecution complex.  It would be funnier if it wasn’t so true! Anyways, here’s the video and a rambling train of thought, struggling not to derail.

Thanks for hanging with it!  To sum it up: Not everyone with an opinion about your work is right.  Not everyone in a position of power over you with an opinion is right either.  I’m quick to internalize certain criticism.  And some criticism is certainly warranted.  However, knowing when to listen and when to shrug it off is the hard part.  Today I shrugged it off.  Cross you fingers for tomorrow.

Interview with Photographer – Chris Fitzgerald

Portraits of Kris


Have you been completely impregnated through your eyes yet with the advertising phenomena known as Star Wars?  Are you balls deep in Kylo Ren Campbells Soup?  Are you brushing your teeth with Rey’s Aquafresh Sand Squirts? Maybe today you read an issue of Deathstar People while drinking a Darthacino from Saberbucks.  Does it feel like I’m really hammering this Star Wars thing a little too much?  Yea, exactly.


Full disclosure, not a Star Wars person.  I don’t care.  Nothing is ruined if the movies suck or establish a new religion.  That being said, Dana and I saw it on Christmas day and it was excellent as far as movies go.  Also, it was basically the first movie.  Find a reluctant Jedi in the desert, outlaw sidekicks, droids with messages, blow up a planet sized space ship.  It would have been cool to see the reboot of a franchise that wasn’t just the same movie from 30 years ago.  But whatever.  I’ve got a bag of Chewbacca Cold Chews I’m working through to ease this terrible Hoth Cough.


This is Kris Benton and she’s pretty rad.  We tried to get lost in the woods but ended up only 12 ft from the road.  When it works it works.

If you’ve liked these blog posts, my tumblr or my IG, consider donating to my zine and print project.  Thanks in advance!

Print Giveaway!

Christmas blows, but we are still all over that shit like huge college debt and non-paying internships.  We just CANNOT WAIT to get in line for the whole rancid pine-smelling poop-show, so I’m trying in my own small way to combat the ennui of this time of the year.

Full Disclosure: I live in Los Angeles, which is amazing and warm and full of palm trees and malls that pump soap into the air to look like snow.  Plus, I love Christmas in LA because NO ONE IS HERE and I can actually drive from point A to point B as god intended.


In the spirit of giving things away and asking for little to n’er in return, I’m sending out random, plump stockings (ed. note:  envelopes) of test prints to 2 lucky people who reblog this post.  You need to be following me here and it needs to happen in the next week.  (ed. note: also, 18+ please) And that’s it!  Eventually I’ll need your snail mail address but THAT’S IT!

Prints are RAD.  It’s the whole root of photography and it gets old as shit starring at my phone trying to decide if I want to unfollow half the people in my feed for posting cute quotes and ugly pet photos.  Prints are REAL.  You can hold them, hide them, frame them.  It’s cool embracing the 3rd dimension.

Good luck!



This weekend I finally finished the movie, Magnolia. It took us three sittings to get through the movie, which a client had recommended I watch.  It took so long, that I’m not even sure I can sum up the major plot points, but I vaguely remember at least two attempted suicides, cancer, death, dying, dead people, guns, drugs, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is, regrettably, dead, and Tom Cruise.



About a month ago, Cindy and I hit the studio for a quick session.  I’ve been trying to think about shooting as more of a portrait photographer than a fashion photographer.  That doesn’t exactly feel like the right terminology either but it’s closer to the final result I think.



You can see more of Cindy here.



A Post-Cyber Society

Everyone has been trying to sell you shit for the last two weeks and I’m sure you’re about fed up with it.  Buy this 75lb turkey!  Buy plane tickets to see your sucky family!  Oh shit it’s Black Friday!  It’s Crimson Saturday!  It’s Shop Local Cheese Shoppe Sunday!  It’s CyberHacktober Monday!  Really, this could go on forever.

In the spirit of all this ridiculous Brands-As-People and People-As-Brands Season of Consumer Fatigue, I’m offering you something for nothing.  Srsly.  My postcard game is hella strong, I love mail, and I’m doing my semi-annual mailathon so send me a message with your address or the address of someone you’d like to get a card from me and I’ll mail it off.  I’ve got scads of postcards, a bunch of stamps and I’m about to hit my slow season which means I’ve got nothing to do except all of the million things I need to do to run a business that I can’t do because I’m shooting.


As a “cyber” Monday (don’t ever say “cyber.”  Are you wearing Mom jeans?)  deal I’ll send a couple of you an envelope of test prints and that’s got to be kind of exciting.  

I spent the last week with my family and while I’m really lucky because they are cool, I’m so freaking ready to go make some weird shit in the woods with some friends, so that’s what I’m doing today.  So hey you! with your address and let’s be Pen Pals, player!

Boosting Saturation With Dodge and Burn

Hey!  It’s almost thanksgiving which means LA has basically stopped doing anything except mentally preparing for El Friday Noir!  I have nothing to sell you, except this good time you’ll get watching me retouch a new photo of Kris Benton where we boost some color and richness with the dodge and burn tools.

Plus, some jokes.  Not necessarily funny ones.  One funny joke and three ok jokes.  You guys be careful sleeping outside of Bestbuy Thursday night.

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